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Matthieu Faury was born in 1970 in Cherbourg and currently lives between Paris and Avignon.


 A former student of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Versailles and Lyon, Matthieu Faury lived for two years in Ivory Coast, where he developed a lively and sensitive style. Back in France he then created "contemporary primitive" Artworks – mostly sculptures – inspired by literature, movies, news, science, art history. For the last 15 years, great apes have become one of his favorite themes. He uses a whole range of techniques and materials.


 Working in Avignon since 2010, he has produced numerous outstanding exhibitions in the region, notably at the Pont du Gard (Apollo’s helmet, aluminum, 2010, exhibited at several other sites in the region), at the Avignon Municipal Archives (Pregnant man in aluminum in 2012) and at the Château de Tarascon (group exhibition Beasts, Monsters and Creatures in 2012 then solo exhibition If Castles Told Fairy Tales in 2015).


 In 2020 his sculpture Primal Heart is exhibited in the garden of the Papal Palace of Avignon.  The marble gorilla symbolically resuscitates the old popes’ menagerie, and echoes the gargoyles peering down from the top of the building.


His works are in private collections in France, England, Scotland, Italy, Switzerland, the United States and India.


Artist’s statement


The ambition of Matthieu Faury's work is to show the deep and original nature of the Human being - that animal part of deeply buried, repressed, and to show, without complacency, how his identity and behavioral evolutions led him to gradually cut himself off from his roots and his environment. By multiplying scientific, historical and philosophical researches and references, he explores the boundaries that the Western culture poses between human beings and the animal, between civilization and primitive life. The theme of evolution, in the Darwinian sense of the term, is at the core of the Artist's work. Portraits of transgender men and women, mutant objects and organic architectures illustrate the Artist's reflections on the limits of our condition and on the ambivalence of being in the age of biotechnology and contemporary societies. Thus the concepts of anthropocene, anthropocentrism and speciesism have found their place at the heart of his latest work. He shows how humans, feeling "masters and possessors of nature" according to the formula of Rene Descartes, have come to exhaust the planet, to saturate it with waste, to asphyxiate its atmosphere and its oceans, and doing so to provoke what scientists call the end of the Holocene and the sixth mass extinction. The process becomes political, deeply rooted in our time, questioning the foundations and the future of our life together, of our city, of our planet. Finally, this multitude of questions, doubts, which are invitations to a deep reflection on the role of Art and the responsibility of the Artist in the light of the urgency of ecological issues, led him to integrate into his artistic practice some postures, mediums and materials consistent with the challenges of our time. In the manner of a 21st century Artist.


Solo exhibitions

. Primal Heart, Papal Palace, Avignon
. Treasures of bronze, Hôtel de Sade, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.
. Marie Jaouen Gallery, BEIRUT ART FAIR
. Marie Jaouen Gallery, DDESSINPARIS ART FAIR
. « Amour merci mon ! », ovine performance – In a field, Sauveterre
. If the castles were a tale….- Château de Tarascon - Centre d’arts René d’Anjou
· NEVER///AGAIN, Maison de Fogasses, Avignon
· LIFE AT ALL COST - Galerie LC, Paris
· Metaphysics of helmets, Town hall and castle esplanade, Baux-de-Provence
· To protect Art- archeological site of Glanum, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence
· Animals architects - Hôtel de Sade, Saint-Rémy-de-Provence - Festival AP’ART
· Apollo’s Helmet - Pont du Gard
· Simianitus - Galerie LC, Paris
· Dualities - Galerie Fugitive, Paris
· J.Zogo Gallery, Le Plateau, Abidjan

Group Exhibitions

. No Prohibida, N5 Galerie, Montpellier
. Le 1111, Handle with care, Lyon.
. Marie Jaouen Gallery, DDESSINPARIS ART FAIR
. My kingdom for a crown, La Piscine Museum, Roubaix
. Winners of the “Expression Terre” ceramic contest, Douai School of Art
. ODD Gallery, Saint-Paul de Vence
. Sculpture garden, Poppy & Pierre Salinger Foundation, Le Thor
. ABBYAC - Abbaye de Saint-André, Villeneuve-lès-Avignon
. Superflux - Viens voir, lieu de curiosité artistique, Tavel
. Galerie Pascal Lainé, Ménerbes
. Dialogues with Goya, Hôtel de Manville, Les Baux-de-Provence - Festival AP’ART
· Monumental confrontation, path of contemporary sculptures, Linz and Pascal Lainé galleries, Ménerbes
· Tombés des nues, Chapelle du Grand Couvent, Cavaillon
· 25 years of contemporary art, Galerie Pascal Lainé, Ménerbes
· beasts, monsters and creatures, dialogue around the medieval and contemporary art - Castle of Tarascon
· Hyper*corps -Courtyard of the Municipal Archives, Avignon
· Contemporary Vanitas- Galerie LC, Paris
· Art/Design - Maatgallery, Paris
· Maatgallery, Paris
· About Congo, Noisy-le-Grand, Espace Michel Simon